The second China International Exhibition on new technology, new materials and new equipment for enamel industry

The Chinese Enamelware Industry  Association (CEIA) is very proud to invite all Enamellers round the world to The second China International Exhibition on new technology, new materials and new equipment for enamel industry.

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Technical article: Nature of Adherence of Porcelain Enamels to Metals

An investigation of the fundamentals of the adherence of porcelain enamels to metals indicated that good adherence is the result of metal-to metal bonds between the atoms in the base metal and the proper metallic ions in the enamel.


Lectures and Workshop's papers of 23rd International Enamellers Congress Florence Italy-May 24th-28th 2015
IEI welcome JEGA as a new member for 2015 onwards

JEGA decided to join IEI on occasion of the 23rd International Enamellers congress where they verified that their strategy is very close to that of all the other porcelain (vitreous) enamel associations around the world and very well supported by the IEI. Below is the first press release of JEGA:

Introduction to Japan Enamel General Association
The Japan Enamel General Association (JEGA) operates to improve porcelain (vitreous) enamel products, production technology, quality and performance, and distribution and consumption. Our current activities are to provide "Safety Mark" to warrant enamel cookware's safety and quality, hold technical forums, take measure to enhance the environmental conservation in the aspect of enamel production and to upgrade the standards of industrial enamel products and to broadly provide technical and commercial information.
Our association consists of twenty member companies, thirteen enamel products manufacturers and seven supporting companies. Although the enamel industry in Japan has shrunk by about 20% since 1990, new applications taking advantage of porcelain enamel's properties are the focus of JEGA's efforts. Participation in the International Enamellers Institute will assist in further development of Japan's industry and markets.

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23rd International Enamellers Congress

Florence, May 24th-28th 2015
Milan 28.05.2015 – The 23rd International Enamellers Congress ended today, after transforming Florence in the international porcelain (vitreous) enamel hub for five days.


New updated List of Porcelain (Vitreous) Enamels ISO Standards

The list of the ISO Standards of Porcelain (Vitreous) Enamels has recently been updated by Mr. John Mullis, CEN CT 262 WG3 Convenor and completed by Silvano Pagliuca IEI Secretary General. The Authors think that this list might be a useful tool for Enamellers in their daily work.
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New updated List of Porcelain (Vitreous) Enamels BS standards

The list of the BS standards of Porcelain (Vitreous) Enamels has recently been updated by Mr. John Mullis, CEN CT 262 WG3 Convenor and by Silvano Pagliuca IEI Secretary General. The Authors think that this list will help Enamellers in their daily work.

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Project and Design of the Porcelain Enamelled Steel Composites
by Silvano Pagliuca - I.E.I. Secretary General
The knowledge of mechanical and thermal properties of enamelling grade steel and of porcelain (vitreous) Enamels and the Stress-Strain analysis of vitreous-steel composite are the pillars for a correct designing of enamelled parts. Robustness of enamelled product throughout its in-use life requires that the design of the enamelled parts are developed according to specific rules and links aiming at reducing the stress / strain in the composites. The presentation “Project and Design of the Porcelain Enamelled Steel Composites“ was prepared by Silvano Pagliuca, I.E.I. Secretary General as a lesson to Italian Enamellers on behalf of C.I.S.P. - Centro Italiano Smalti Porcellanati and for disseminating porcelain enamel technical information to Italian students of Milano and Faenza Universities.

On October,11, 2011 this lesson was given by Silvano Pagliuca, IEI Secretary General at the Enamel School of Anadolu University, Eskisehir -Turkey in occasion of International Ceramic, Glass, Porcelain Enamel, Glaze and Pigment Congress –SERES11, organized by Turkish Ceramic Association and the Anadolu University.

This presentation could be available in power point version for all I.E.I.'s Affiliates Enamellers Associations upon request, if interested to disseminate this kind of technical information among their members in occasion of their national Congresses and technical trainings. The I.E.I.' Secretary General, Silvano Pagliuca could be available to give the lesson, as well.

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PORCELAIN (VITREOUS) ENAMELS - Industrial Enamelling Processes
Interview to Prosperity Enamel Development (International) Company Ltd.
Prosperity Enamel Development (International) Company Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and trading of cast iron/steel enamelled architectural panels. In this field, the company has more than 14 years of manufacturing experience. During the first decade, it was mainly focused on the export business, 80% of the production was exported to Europe and America.

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Corrosion of Enamel for Chemical Industry by Neutral Water Medium
The  high chemical resistance  of Porcelain or Vitreous Enamel  convey  to enamelled ware, such as water heaters, food and pharmaceutical industries vessels and reactors, outstanding hygienic properties and no healthy risk features to make them very suitable for contact with food and water for human consumption.
The corrosion resistance of Porcelain or Vitreous Enamel and the very low release of glassy  matrix components have been studied from the theoretical and applicative point throughout the time and the main chemical reactions mechanism understood.
I.E.I. website is opening the  technical articles window “Porcelain or Vitreous Enamel Corrosion Resistance” with the article of prof. R. Lorentz: “Corrosion of Enamel for Chemical Industry by Neutral Water Medium”.
We would like to thank Dev for the copyright permission, Mr. Paul Zybell for the translation from German into English of the text and Dr. Darry Faust for  his advices for  improvement of the editing of the article.
Silvano Pagliuca

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EU and Australia boost bilateral trade, call for Doha deal
The European Union and Australia have today given their businesses a trade boost by agreeing on a reviewed Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), which will simplify the certification of products for export, including medical devices, electrical equipment and telecommunications equipment. EU Trade Commissioner Catherine Ashton and Australian Minister for Trade Simon Crean initialled the reviewed text at the launch of the 2009 EU-Australia Trade Policy Dialogue. They also sought a revival of negotiations to complete the Doha Round of world trade talks, calling for discussions to look at a wider range of issues that will be part of the final package.

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Interview to Sidelong International Electrical (China) Co. Ltd
We are happy to open a window on I.E.I. website to major enamelling companies all over the world producing enamelled appliances.
We start with a Chinese Company, Sidelong , as the CEIA is the first Association who has accepted our invitation.
In this interview Mr. Xu Jitao , Managing director of Sidelong, is presenting His company to the World Enamellers Community, showing a lot of enthusiasm in the enamel and in the enamelling technology.
Silvano Pagliuca

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Technical Articles
The International Enamellers Institute website is starting a new “Rubrica” of ”Technical Articles” in the section “Enamel”, collecting outstanding technical papers of selected and tailored technical subjects on vitreous enamel technology to put new focus on some Porcelain enamels properties and aspects of interest of the enamellers community worldwide for their practical products application.
Vitreous Enamel is a glass and shows its best performances when in compression in the composite enamelled material. The relative Coefficient of Expansions of the two bonded materials in an enamelled bi-lamina combination is of pivotal importance in the development, the production and its performance in life of the enamelled products.
The understanding of the technical and scientific base of this phenomena is the aim of this brand new “Rubrica” starting up with following article: Stress reduction in porcelain steel systems. Others on the same issue will follow to complete the subject. Input for improvements from worldwide Enamellers is absolutely welcome and will be given maximum of attention.

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