Prosperity Enamel Development (International) Company Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and trading of cast iron/steel enamelled architectural panels. In this field, the company has more than 14 years of manufacturing experience. During the first decade, it was mainly focused on the export business, 80% of the production was exported to Europe and America.
Sidelong International Electrical (China) Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specialized in the development and manufacturing of water heaters and heating equipments.
The Deutsche Email Verband e. V. is the German association for the overall enamel industry, its suppliers and the people employed at these enterprises. It is a state-recognized professional institution. The purpose of the association is the pursuit and promotion of the common member interests. Its aim is to deploy suitable activities to make all interested business and consumer communities understand the importance of enamel as a material.
Could women’s organisational gifts and concrete, matter-of-fact approach be an extra arrow in enamel’s quiver? A convinced “yes” comes almost spontaneously after meeting with Paola Gasparini, MD at Smalvic in Sarcedo, Vicenza. Fifty years down the road since the company was established, she is giving it a new lease of life and focusing courageously on enamel.
Introducing Mr. Cullen L. Hackler (58), the executive vice president of PEI (the Enamellers Association in North America), to the IEI Journalist and the World Community of Enamellers by means of IEI web site pages let's start from the very beginning.
President of CISP from 1996 to 2006 and President of the IEI from 2000 to 2003, he has been serving since June 2004 as Secretary-General of the International Enamellers’ Institute, the world association of national associations operating in the vitreous enamel industry, established in London in 1957...
Based on the outskirts of Caserta, this firm is a vanguard operator in the sector of thin and ultra-thin aluminium sheets, whose products include discs for enamelled and Teflon-coated saucepans. This is how the company’s President, Guido Moschini, sees the past and the near future of his sector.
Excellent performance on the part of stoves is driving the entire sector. In recent years, production and exports of enamelled 1.2 mm pipes and pellet stovepipes have increased dramatically. Vittorio Dalle Carbonare tells the successful tale of SAVE Fumisteria of Chiuppano, a specialist in enamelled pipes based in the rich province of Vicenza.
Kerasteel is an enamelling works based in Saluzzo, in the Piedmontese province of Cuneo, that contracts work in from third parties. Displaying courage and inventiveness, this young, family-run firm has pioneered some interesting new ways ahead: in enamelling aluminium for wash basins and sinks, lamp holders in motorway tollbooths and discs for the electro-medical sector. It is now experimenting with cooking hobs for large industrial cookers and maybe the future also holds a venture in enamelling steel... Proprietors Alfredo Abello and his wife Anna Maria Borri tell us all about it.
Borso del Grappa is the home of Elba, the member of the De’ Longhi group of companies that specialises in domestic cooking appliances, a firm with clear ideas and plans, whose roots go deep into the home and the world.
Caronno Pertusella, in Italy’s northern province of Varese, is home to Pangborn Europe S.r.l., a member of the multinational Wheelabrator Group. The company produces grit blasting, sand blasting and dust collectors. The quality of its products, service and research can combine with suitable public projects to enable Italy to maintain its production plants without running the risk of relocation abroad, reports the company’s Managing Director, Renzo Boarino.
Colorobbia Italia, a company that leads the field in colour, also works with vitreous enamels. Research and innovation are among the strong points of the company presented by Marco Bitossi.
Specialising in working with aluminium, Fano-based Profilglass also produces aluminium discs for non-stick enamelled pans. Here are some hints from the owner, Giancarlo Paci, about how the market for this type of kitchenware could be increased.
Spezzano di Fiorano Modenese, in the industrious heart of the Sassuolo ceramics industry district, with a very telling address (via della Chimica), is home to NBP Costruzioni Termomec-caniche, a firm that already exudes a sense of clean, cool efficiency when you first see the plant and office building.
What makes a man decide to become a businessman and then to start producing pan supports for cookers rather than whole cookers or ovens? And what makes him do it in a corner of the Italian provinces where there is no concentration of comparable industry?
If you drive up to the Austrian border along the Brenner Motorway, one of Italy’s main arteries of communication with Northern Europe, you will have to go through a great many tunnels.
We embark on a voyage of discovery of all the secrets of hot water, with Sanicell of Caorso (near Piacenza), a member of the Hepworth Heating-Vaillant Group that produces quality boilers. Our guide is the company’s managing director Giovanni Foppiani: "Would you rather drink out of glass or steel?" is the leading question he asks when promoting the qualities of vitreous enamel.
Starting with washing machines, the Candy group has become a leading player on the Italian and international whitegoods stage. We met Eden Fumagalli, Managing Director of the Cooking Division, to talk about kitchens and enamel. "It is still a value", declares Fumagalli, who indicates several ways of continuing to safeguard the levels of excellence achieved with enamel coatings.
It may seem like a fairy tale, or one of those stories that newspapers blazon across the front pages, but it is a true story, simple but true, and very modern. During the period of the holidays in 2001, a structural market crisis afflicting the sector of sanitary fittings made of enamelled steel persuaded some of the largest groups operating in this sector to reduce or discontinue production of bathtubs.
The headquarters of Norvac Engineering, world leader in the field of systems for the application of vitreous enamel, are in Cura Carpignano, near Pavia. Research and Innovation in production processes, energy saving and ecology are the byword of the company. "Much more must be done for the promotion of vitreous enamel," says Managing Director Mario Codecà.
Tecnogas is based in Gualtieri (Reggio Emilia) and is part of the Gruppo Antonio Merloni of Fabriano (Ancona), the company is an Italian leader in the market for free-standing cookers. Quality, design and innovation and prompt response to regional requirements: these are the keywords for a company that has already prepared for globalisation. The managing director Luigi Santi presents the sector's demands to manufacturers of systems and enamels, at CISP.
The Smalti Modena firm, with two plants, cutting-edge technologies, control of raw materials and focus on environmental problems, is one of the European leaders in contract enamelling. “We have been genuine subcontractors for over 50 years”, claims the chairman Giorgio Francia, “and our clients benefit from this”.
A young company, one of the first three in Europe, Merloni Elettrodomestici SpA has innovation drive and the ability to interpret current trends effectively. “Home powering comfort”, on-line and digital technology, teleassistance, services solutions: these are the bywords for remaining one of the leading three in the future too, whether global or continental. “For us enamel is an important communication medium.
The range of colours is an element which differentiates geographical areas and market segments”, declared the President, Vittorio Merloni.
The history of Electrolux Zanussi started way back in 1858 with the Becchi brand name (red terracotta heaters), before eventually converging with the name of a European giant in the household appliances sector.
Wendel Email has produced lead-free enamels for cast iron in Dillenburg, Germany, since 1932. Today it has four branch offices and supplies enamels and coloring oxides pigments for metal and ceramics. Klaus-Achim Wendel, Managing Director, presents the corporate policy and operations of the Group. Wendel Italia, the latest acquisition, is located in Dalmine (Bergamo) and has laboratories equipped to meet customer demands.
Nordson is an American Corporation that has placed a lot of importance in Italy and throughout Europe. It produces systems for the application of vitreous enamel, paints, powders, adhesives, and sealants. Sergio Cocchi, aged 53, the manager of Nordson Finishing for Southern Europe, describes Nordson's strategies and the situation in the vitreous enamel sector at world level; the importance of intangible resources (organization, service), investments, and production directed to emerging countries. It is therefore essential that information concerning enamel is in line with the times.


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