Its properties
The chemical composition of enamel varies according to the base surface and the characteristics to be enhanced in the end product.

In general all enamels ensure:

:: to fire
:: to cold (-50°C) and to heat (450°C)
:: to thermal shock
:: to corrosion by acids and alkali at ambient temperature, organic solvents and atmospheric agents
scratching and abrasion (Mohs hardness 5.5 - 7.5)

Hygiene and non-toxicity
:: the non-porous surface prevents the implantation and development of bacteria colonies, mould and dirt. Chemically inert, it does not absorb smells and does not release harmful substances.

Easy cleaning
:: does not require any special maintenance.

:: can be coloured in an extremely wide range of gloss, matt and semi-matt tones. The surface is smooth, compact and with a perfect finish.

Colour fastness
:: the colours remain fast, bright and shiny in time, even under the effect of light, UV rays and atmospheric agents.

Respect for the environment
:: it is a natural and environmentally friendly product, fully recyclable.


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