June, 03rd– 07th, 2012

The 22nd International Enamellers Congress, organized by the German Association (DEV) under the auspices of the International Enamellers Institute (IEI), was held from June 03rd– 07th in Cologne, Germany.
The assembly room was located in Cologne at Maritim Hotel. The event was attended by 297 people, delegates accounting for 250 . According to the congress procedures and contents, there were arranged various activities, such as: technical exchange, exhibition during the coffee break, factory visits, and post congress tours, etc.

The congress was opened on June,03 . Mr. Klaus Achim Wendel, DEV’s President, with welcome to the attendees, Prof. Dr. Joachim Deubener highlighted the lectures content, Deputy mayor Hans Werner Bartsch welcome people to Cologne and Mr. Pagliuca, secretary general of the I.E.I. – International Enamellers Institute delivered an opening speech explaining the targets of the congress. The papers quantity and quality of the 22nd International Enamellers Congress reached a new high level.
28 lectures from all over the world.

Several Enterprises participated at the exhibition. In their booths they showed equipments, technologies, products, and new application areas, which indicated the development trend of the worldwide enamel industry. IEI gave two power point presentations in its stand on the IEI’s history and activity and on the outline of Porcelain (Vitreous) Enamels book.

On June, 5th, the congress arranged a factory visit for all the foreign delegates. Many German companies were opening their doors to show their level of technology in enamelling various products to the delegates. Various activities were arranged (welcome cocktail party, by night Rhine river tour, celebration dinner) to show the hospitality of the German people and to promote the relations, the understanding, the mutual information exchange and cooperation between the domestic and overseas enamel industries.
Mr. S. Pagliuca, Secretary General of the I.E.I, expressed his closure speech sincere appreciation to the hard work and kindness of the DEV, that turned the event in a exceptional success.

Responsibility of the Authors

Lectures published for the 22nd International Enamellers Congress 2012 in Cologne are the sole responsibility of the Authors themselves regarding content and form. Neither the Informations - und Bildungszentrum Email e V. as organizer on behalf of the Deutscher Email Verband e V. nor the International Enamellers Institute as patron are liable for the content or form of the manuscripts.

Low V2O5 and V2O5-free Aluminum Enamels (Alumails)
By Svetlana Efimenko, Nancy Crevits, Christian Schlegel

Electrically Conductive Enamel
By Christian Koch, Eckhard Voss

One-Frit Nickel-Free Antibacterial Vitreous Enamels
By L. Bragina, O. Shalygina, G. Voronov, N. Kuryakin, V. Hudiakov, N. Guzenko, V. Annenkov, K. Kupriyanenko, A. Landik

Concentrated Solar Collector With Black Enameled Receiver Tube
By Davide Fissi, Maurizio De Lucia, Silvano Pagliuca

Understanding thermal warping and sagging in enamelled steel parts through an integrated FE simulation
By Steven Cooreman, Philippe Gousselot, Marc Leveaux, Patrick Pol, Joachim Antonissen

Analysis of Fracture in Porcelain Enamels
By Kyla McKinley, Holger Evele, Charles Baldwin

Methods for evaluating adherence of enamel on cast iron
By Y. Shen, C. Müller-Fildebrandt, H. Bornhöft, P. Hellmold, J. Deubener

Enameling of Functionalized Steel Surfaces
By Alain Aronica, Cyril Capliez, Valérie Laplace, Karine Sarrazy

Multifuctional behaviour of nanostructured porcelain enamels
By Giovanni Baldia, Annalisa Soldi, Arianna Signorini

An Effect of Clay Particles Size on Functional Features of Vitreous Enamel Coatings
By Jitka Podjuklová, Vratislav Bártek, Tomáš Laník, Kamila Hrabovská, Ing. Petr Šrubař, Kateřina Suchánková, Sylvie Kopaňáková

Study on the Hydrophobic Property of Enamel Surface
By Jiang Weizhong, Qian Huichun, Fang Qianqian, Liao Xiaoping

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