19th International Enamellers’ Congress - Venice/Italy - 2001

The Pemcoat process: a new process that simplifies direct enamelling
Christian Schlegel, Koen Lips , Frits Lamote

Usinor's contribution to enamelling cost reductions
Philippe Gousselot, Christophe Perrot

Enameled aluminium pan supports. a new application
Louis J. Gazo, Charles A. Baldwin, William D. Faust

Development of a new test method for fish-scale defect prediction in steels for enamelling
Renzo Valentini, Chimica Industriale, Walter Sabba, D. Mattia De Micheli, Renzo Valleggi

Plasma enamelling: a new process
D.T. Gawne, Y. Bao, T. Zhang

Analytical development of cast iron enamelling
Kevin Kibble, Martin Murphy, Jon Allen, David Hubble, Sheila Donegan, Judith Coughlan, Joe Doylem, Lorraine Cunning

Bonding of vitreous enamels onto aluminium alloys: the horizon extends
Marc Leveaux, Nancy Crevits, Koen Lips, Bruno Schepers, Ann Aerts, Els Verboom

Development of deep drawing continuous annealed i.f. steels for enamelling
Renzo Valentini, Massimo De Sanctis, Adriano Solina, Walter Sabba, Maurizio Mini

New development of hot-rolled products for double-face vitreous enamelling
Peggy Guinet, Ch. Abeloos, Ph. Harlet, P. Cantinieaux

The effect of moisture on powder properties
John Jozefowski, Steve Kilczewski, Richard Kmoch, Scott Levy

Titanium oxide hydrogen traps in ti-if steels for enamelling
Isabelle Tolleneer, Chris Rasschaert, Franz Hörzenberger, Bruno C. De Cooman, Jan Penning

Development of new, free of fluorine white enamels
Peter Hellmold, Bernd Rödicker, Karsten HartmannPeter Hellmold, Bernd Rödicker, Karsten Hartmann

Vitreous enamels with improved chip resistance
Dechun Fu, A. W. Gee and William D. Faust

Enamels for new enamelling process
Lyudmyla Bragina, Andrey Bondarenko

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