Architecture: Tunnels

Tunnel covering with vitreous enamel steel panels

The tragic fires in the Monte Blanc pass (between France and Italy) and in the Tauer tunnel in Austria and in the Gottard tunnel in Switzerland have brought home the issue of road tunnel safety.
In those countries more attentive to safety issues such as Great Britain and France, the USA, the Far East and Oceania, the preferred tunnel wall covering system is one that uses vitreous enamelled steel panels. A comparison of various covering materials (aluminium, fibre-concrete, cis varnishing, vitreous enamel) shows that this last clearly leads over all other systems.
Regulatory standards consider vitreous enamel as being one of the most suitable products for road tunnel refacing. As these enamelled panels ensure long life, assembly ease and reduced maintenance needs.

Thick steel enamelled panels ensure:

:: Improved and uniform illumination at lower costs because they are photo-reflective;
:: Energy savings in gallery ventilation;
:: Effective control against the water that leaks from the walls;
:: The possibility of printing of architectural motives or signs to indicate emergency exits or assistance points directly onto the panels (silk screen or transfer)
:: Easy integration with cable ducts and technical services
:: Greater cleaning ease of the vitreous surface (graffiti can also be cleaned away with solvents)
:: Resistance to pressure and depression caused by traffic
:: Greater acoustic comfort


Sound deadening barriers

Such barriers are increasingly frequently applied along road and motorways in view of recent legislative trends, which are increasingly focused on making road travel more pleasant for the traveller and increasingly environmental friendly.
Both new and renovated infrastructures incorporate sound deadening devices.

There is a choice of the classic sound deadening stave which is assembled between double steel t-shaped elements or the tunnel

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