Architecture: Buildings

Vitreous enamel panels are highly versatile in architectural applications: they can be used both in new building works (ventilated façades, façade buffering, façade covering) and in the renovation and modernization of existing buildings. Vitreous enamel coverings offer the architect a wealth of aesthetic and functional scope. The façade or the portion of the building concerned may be designed according to the plastic effect required or according to the fixture of the panels to the existing structure. These panels can be used to replace walls, partitions, the doors of technical compartments, false ceilings and perforated panelling for any conditioning or ventilation systems that may be required.

The panel thereby becomes a new applicative element in each new project, as it may be adapted to the specific building requirements and needs. Although the tendency is that of standardizing the composition of the faces, there is unlimited scope for the production of elements of particular shapes, calendared pieces, or boxed or elliptical section pieces. The panels used in architecture must be produced with the greatest care in all production stages; the appearance of the panel must be free of any kind of defect. Last but not least is that designers for the surface quality, Its brilliance and the infinitive chromatic potential that it offers particularly appreciate the material.

The modern transfer printing techniques available today provide the possibility of writing, drawing or decorating the panel itself, with a host of graphic options and to the highest level of photografic resolution.

Thanks to its high level of mechanical resistance vitreous enamel and the features already cited above it is the ideal material use for in public settings characterized by a fast and consistent flow of people, in which accidents such as minor collisions or vandalism are common and which would damage any other material permanently; and important areas in which easy stain removal is essential, in the case of graffiti or the outbreak of fire. Making it particular suited to use in those public areas dedicated to public transport, airports, underground stations, railway stations. Another important advantage of the material is that it is highly versatile and can be adapted as necessary.


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