The second China International Exhibition on new technology, new materials and new equipment for enamel industry

The Chinese Enamelware Industry  Association (CEIA) is very proud to invite all Enamellers round the world to The second China International Exhibition on new technology, new materials and new equipment for enamel industry.

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The IEI provides the forum for individual contact with world experts in vitreous enamel, mainly at its International Enamel Congress every three years. Congress now: May, 2015.
The IEI has membership by national bodies of all major national enamel institutions.
Through its objectives, the IEI seeks to advance and spread world-class enamel expertise.


To collect, collate and exchange technical information and to interchange works visits on an international basis which will promote the technical advancement of The Institute and of Vitreous Enamel.
To sponsor investigations into the most efficient and economic utilisation of vitreous enamel and associated materials and products.
To advise on holding the International Congresses every three years.
To negotiate with any responsible authorities on behalf of the International Vitreous Enamelling Industry.
To represent the International Vitreous Enamelling Industry in the harmonisation of performance and quality standards.
To take other such actions and implement such investigations as may be considered to be to the mutual benefit to Members of The Institute and of the International Vitreous Enamelling Industry.

The International Enamellers Institute
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